I have done many transformation trainings, but few have so adeptly tackled the process of integrating change into my daily life. Attending Jen’s retreat and learning her 5 step process helped me to understand how to approach transformation in an enjoyable way that actually works.


April Nishimura

Structural Medicine Practitioner, LMP, Beacon Structural Medicine

I really enjoyed the workshop! I felt a great peace and an opening, softening of my mental state being in that space and energy.  I appreciated the focus of five areas. Each topic opened up a unique part of my conscious awareness. I enjoyed the way you let the workshop happen spontaneously within the structure and didn’t try to force the class into a preset track. Many things happened in the group field that were vital.  Thanks again for the class!

Eric Ramsey

IT Consultant and Luthier

The 5 Keys to Confident Leadership

Are you ready to align your life with timeless wisdom, creating clarity and confidence? Are you ready to create a business or service offering that reflects your highest aspirations and deepest potential? With the 5 Keys to Confident Leadership you can create the foundation and action plan to bring your dreams into reality.

The 5 Keys draw upon wisdom traditions from around the world, distilling key principles to apply in your daily life. Each of the 5 keys are powerfully transformative in their own right. When taken together and used systematically, their potential exponentially increases. The 5 Keys are:

Key 1: Curiosity

Key 2: Cleansing

Key 3: Capacity

Key 4: Communion

Key 5: Confidence

I currently offer the 5 Keys as a weekend retreat.  We explore creating the foundation for a more dynamic and vibrant life with a simple potent actions. We explore beginning where you are and discovering simple potent actions that lead to a deeper, wiser way of moving and being.

The retreats are hands on, with information sessions interspersed with question and answer sessions, as well as break out sessions. Private retreats are available with 5 or more participants.

Please contact me for pricing and further questions. I look forward to sharing a heartfelt, transformational weekend with you!