The following are some of the core tenets for our work together:

You are not static. Many wise men and women in the past have observed the attributes and qualities of foods, herbs, medicines, landscapes, environments, elements, and their effects on the human body, spirit, emotions, and mind. We can build on their wisdom applying it to our everyday lives. When we harmonize with that wisdom in our choices, we build a solid foundation from which to transform our lives into the vibrant reality we want it to be.

Living a life you love is a practice.  Recognizing what supports your growth and what needs to be eliminated is part artform, part science experiment. Identifying and aligning with the actions and qualities that nurture your inner genius takes courage, curiosity, and commitment to bringing forth the full flowering of your best self. “Tracking” is the tool I use to help you recognize both what is yearning to come forth and what needs to be pruned away to allow the new growth. You could call it editing for your Soul.  As we align with and let go into the mystery of creation, we co-create in a process far more intelligent and beautiful then we could have ever imagined. With humor, wonder, and conviction, we follow and listen to the truth, the Light of our Awareness, above all else–especially our limited beliefs, conditioning, and habits.

Presencing the future. When we presence the future, we consciously dance with creation, choosing to embrace our higher potential with clarity, focus and awareness. We open our minds, hearts, and spirits to what is yearning to be born through us as us. We consciously observe in both our inner and outer worlds the clues of our greater destiny calling. Too often, our limiting beliefs keep us from observing these delicate tendrils of new life emerging. Or we dismiss them as too small or weak, or irrelevant to our current circumstances. But when we consciously partner with our highest destiny, we recognize those small sprouts as the tangible signs of our growth. We tend them, giving them the light of our awareness to grow strong and viable. We also weed out our old beliefs and identities that would impede their full flowering.

Embracing our unique blueprint. I work with many systems to help people recognize their unique blueprint. When we recognize our unique strengths and weaknesses, we can accept ourselves on a deeper level. We no longer look outside to validate our personal experiences. We realize that we truly are individuals, and that what makes us flourish may not be the same as the people we try to emulate. So much of what we criticize ourselves for is simply not accepting our unique expression for what it is–our own. We are a paradox. Like the wave and the ocean, we are all made of water. But to truly settle into our lives with grace, ease, and awareness, we need to recognize the unique role we are here to play–the “wave” we are–and embrace it with love and joy.

Life is a dynamic interplay between dualities–sound and silence, movement and stillness, the manifest and the unmanifest. Far too often we focus on the sound without recognizing silence as the source from which it springs. Similarly, the movement and noise which we call our lives happens against the backdrop of an eternally present silent awareness which simply is, that contains all phenomena within it. The more we pay attention to this timeless essence, the more we discover what saints and sages of all ages point to: that the richness and love we seek from outside has actually been there all along, as the foundation of our pure awareness.

To assist your transformative movement, I call upon many systems from around the world to support the intuitive wisdom arising from our work together. These include Ayurveda, Qi Gong, meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and numerous personality blueprint systems.


About Jennifer

Jennifer Freeman is a long time practitioner of mind-body awareness and wisdom traditions from around the world, including QI Gong, Ayurveda, Buddhist philosophy, and Modern Capitalism. She calls upon these systems to support her intuitive wisdom with that arises when she works together with others. Jen also worked in web site design, had a California Real Estate Broker’s License, and worked in land development raising $5 million in capital projects. She brings with her a lifetime of passionate interest in transformational modalities and is dedicated to facilitatng individuals and businesses toward their highest calling.