Ongoing Intuition and Energy Training Classes


Please join us for a fun adventure of deepening your intuitive talents and energetic wisdom. In this monthly ongoing series, you will develop skills to deepen your intuition and establish a more authentic way of being and moving in the world. We will practice and play with different skills each month so newcomers can easily come in fresh, while weaving the previous skills in for the continuing students. Skills include: psychometry (reading information fields off objects); recognizing and cultivating your natural intuitive style; exploring how our perception works on a conscious and unconscious level; cultivating direct knowing; developing your ability to feel and direct energy; and more. Everyone welcome!

Class is from 2 – 4 pm, Saturday June 11th, 2016

$35, Barjon’s Bookstore, Billings, Montana


Mantra Class — Ongoing

Interested in learning more about Mantra? Already a Mantra practitioner but would love to come and practice with a group? Join Jen Freeman for an ongoing exploration and practice of Mantra from 1 – 2 p.m. on Thursdays at Barjon’s Bookstore in Billings, Montana. We will be using Tibetan and Sanskrit mantras, plus a few surprises.  Class is on a drop in basis and open to all regardless of experience. $10