Transformation Consulting

Leverage Your Most Powerful Asset–YOU


Are you ready to uplevel your life? Are you ready to see the love and potency that you truly are and give your gifts to the world? Are you ready to build a dynamic foundation to create the life you love to live?

You are in the right place!

When we are ready to shed our outmoded belief systems, our awareness expands and we begin to recognize our true nature. We live into our authentic design, our natural way of moving and being that supports and nourishes us. We connect with deeper patterns of nature in ourselves, discovering a rich creativity, resiliency, and potency. A truly dynamic foundation emerges from which we can build a viable empowered path into our future…now.

I partner with you to co-create a personalized approach to the transformation you’ve yearned for–and have a great time doing it!

I guide people through this process in a variety of ways, including Individual Transformation Coaching, Organizational Transformation Consulting, Retreats, and ongoing Mentoring. I draw upon diverse wisdom traditions from around the world, utilizing potent tools to help you spiral up into a higher level of awareness, embodiment, and action. We expand your context of the possible–and shift your perception to a richer, grounded alignment with your true potential.

I also draw upon my entrepreneurial background to help you integrate your unique blueprint into actionable steps for your business and your life. I’ve worked in web design, content creation, marketing, business plan writing, strategy consulting, and had a California Real Estate Broker’s License. I raised $5 million for land development projects, working with investors, developers, and lenders. In 1998, I was recognized nationally by SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives) for my work teaching the executives how to integrate the internet as a marketing and sales tool with my business partner. I also worked with the SBA teaching clients how to use the internet for marketing and taught courses at College of Marin in the Bay Area on “Taking the Mystery Out of Mortgages” and “Taking the Mystery out of Equity Investments” for four years.

You add in my background in Ayurveda, Qi Gong, meditation, Buddhist traditions, journalism, media studies, herbalism, writing, journalism, and travel to 13 countries giving me a more global perspective (including Nigeria, Australia, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Bermuda, UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Canada)–just call me a Jane-of-all-Trades. I also answer to “librarian of the universe.” 🙂

Transform Your Life & Contribute Your Unique Gifts. What are you waiting for?

Please shoot me an email or give me a call and we can discuss what’s right for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

In life there are things we don’t say and can only be felt or sensed, Jen has the intuitive nature to know where you are and whether you are ready.  The steps leading to yourself discovery is not easy and takes a lot of coming to terms with yourself and your perceptions.  This is a fragile path that eventually leads to firm stability.  Jen is able to gauge and pace one thru the process of  self awareness.  This is done with a nurturing thrust each step of the way. With one hand to push you along, and two arms to embrace and shelter you.  She will be there for you.

Van Truskett, PhD

Director of Jetting Technology, Canon Nanotechnologies, Inc

When I have difficult situations at work where I feel uncomfortable with what is happening around me, I call on Jenn to help bring clarity to the situation.  She points out what is truly going on underneath the surface, describing the different forces in play and how my uniquely individual perception shapes the way I relate to these forces.  With the clarity she helps provide, I can move forward and choose the best course of action for my personality and peace of mind.

Monica Miller

Family Office Investment Director

Jen is a magnificent ally and powerful, elegant healer-practitioner. With Jen, I experienced profound healing and growth. She meets you where you are and supports you to cultivate the transformative movement you’re longing for. She seamlessly balances core energetic wisdom, powerful systems models, and her vast, committed path of inner wisdom and evolution of consciousness. I found her approach to be deeply supportive of my personal growth and well being.

Jocelyn Skillman

Youth and Family Clinician, Therapist

My session with Jen Freeman was like the StrengthsFinder leadership assessment on steroids, with the perfect blend of spirituality and action steps.

I’ve been on an active spiritual path since 2004 and an entrepreneur since 2009. For me, there is no difference as what I do, is who I am, and is how I do it. So my session with Jen was just what I needed: oodles of clarity (about my practice) and deeper understanding of myself and how I continue to approach my business. Such powerful insights that I’ve made part of every day of my life.

If you are a spiritually-oriented business person (entrepreneur or otherwise), I encourage you to contact Jen today. You’ll love it and the benefits will inform everything you do in a beautiful and powerful way.

Ben Gioia

Author and Speaker, Leadership Awake, LLC

Jen Freeman has an amazing way of allowing you to understand how much you can effectively influence your desired goals by taking a holistic look at you and/or your business. She is able to allow you to see what you are doing more clearly while guiding you towards what makes you happy. Her ability to communicate and tap in to your specific needs is a combination of years of training, experience with many different levels of business and, most importantly, an awareness and intuition that makes you feel at ease when dealing with sensitive issues. I would certainly recommend her for any business or individual that truly wants to better themselves

Brian Holler

Digital Marketing Manager, Global Eagle Entertainment

My experience with Jen was very profound and transformative. Our session came at a time when I needed it most. Her cheery, nonjudgmental, and empathetic demeanor made me feel safe and understood on a very deep level. Her intuition is very strong and in conjunction with the other tools she uses was very effective at helping me to make many insights. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and striving to meet their full potential to book an appointment with Jen ASAP.

Ben Carlman

Mental Health Therapist

I’ve been fortunate to work with many talented individuals on my team. There is something about the way Jennifer engages with me that stands out – her precision, her ability to get in there and feel and see what is still in my way, using the magic and power of words to cultivate the clarity that I need to move forward. She helps me trust my own instincts and be accountable for moving from surviving to thriving. She is a huge asset to my team, integrating many different disciplines in service of my, hers, and everyone’s whole self. What a treasure and a blessing. Thank you Jen!

Emily Griffin

Senior Engagement Manager, Substantial

Working with Jen was the beginning of a profound healing journey. Much of the deepest work was done without words through her presence. Every session she held the vibration of a more expanded view, transmitting that state through her being and inviting me to match it. She was spot on from our first session, skillfully guiding me into the depths bringing forth the parts of me seeking expression in my personal and professional life. I felt heard and seen which helped me to transform my limited paradigm. She helped me to be courageous, dive deep into hidden aspects of myself and recognize blind spots that were creating potential blocks. She is also excellent at giving playful metaphors that describe inner dynamics and emotional states so I could work with them more easily. Seeds are planted that are still unfolding. I highly recommend working with her!

Abby Leach

Mental Health and Spiritual Counselor

Jen has been my life coach and spirit guide for over a year. Her work and approach can truly transform how one looks at the world and the events that shape us for good or ill. She not only helps me recognize the lessons I need to learn, she helps me see them as gifts through her collaboration and guidance. She uses a mix of tools and techniques to dig below the surface chatter of daily events to the patterns, thoughts, and behaviors that can keep me stuck. She uses all of these different inputs to develop a coaching system that perfectly fits me. She then provides practical tips and applications I can use as I move through my days. My life would be much different, and much poorer, if I didn’t work with Jen.

Laurel Nicholes

Knowledge Architect / Content Strategy Leader, Okta, Inc.

Jen Freeman is a wealth of knowledge. She’s a box of chocolates–you don’t what you are going to get! But it’s always delicious and fulfilling, leaving you curious and wanting more.

Brandi Russell

Occupational Therapist at Infant-Toddler Services of Johnson County

Jen is powerfully intuitive and insightful and a great help in getting to the depths of that place we fear to go alone. Compassionate, and easy to relate to, Jen as a professional and friend brings profound honesty and levity to her work. I highly recommend her.

Janice McCann

Spiritual Practitioner and Mother of 6

Jen’s has an extraordinary ability to “hear what I can’t say”. Her listening skills are so deep and high that she can give a powerful, very clear and precise insight. She gets right to the source of things, opening my perspective in a very natural way.  I feel a great relief when she’s coaching me because my questions are answered and she gives me an easy to follow strategy … Plus, I really appreciate how she blends her spiritual and business vision in her work. I am grateful to have Jen’s guidance! Gracias Jen!

Leticia Martinez

Power Coaching for Transformation

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Freeman in both my personal and professional life. The changes I’ve experienced during our work together are positive and monumental. Jennifer has a beautiful way of uniquely blending modalities together in order to create a powerful, transformative and inspiring approach.  Her compassion, positive attitude, acute intuition and extensive knowledge of many subjects make her a treasure!  I am grateful for all the gifts she has brought to my life and I could not recommend her more.

Juliann Penfold

Feng Shui Consulting and Spatial Design

When I engaged with Jen as my coach, I was ripe and ready to go deep, be seen, and to hear what came through her brilliant clairsentient and clairaudient wisdom. Her understanding of systems, keen transmissions and dynamic coaching helped me emerge powerfully from the box I had placed myself in.  With both nurturing compassion and laser like insight, she helped me see the blocks and limiting patterns that were holding me back. She asked poignant questions that drew out my genius and empowered me to 1) zero in on my own clear value driven decisions and 2) boldly make necessary major change in my life, despite my fears.  I am now a freer, happier and healthier person for having worked with her. Thank you, Jen!

Reverend Barbara Novak

Jen Freeman delivers a clear and articulate synthesis of many personality and spiritual systems. Within one session, long time unspoken habituated patterns finally had a language and light. I walked away feeling I had a structure with which to understand my interactions with others and myself better. Jen’s ability to get to the heart of the matter precisely and directly is a gift for everyone.

Kristina Forester Thorp

Qi Gong Teacher

My experience with Jen has been an essential piece to my transformation. I have now pushed through barriers that I was blocking within myself.  The clarity is unreal!  Jen’s true beauty, peaceful and calm spirit enabled me to truly believe in my strengths and how to be more aware of using them positively in everyday situations.  I feel grounded, at ease and even breathe lighter as I make decisions and interact with others on a daily basis.  My life has leveled up.  The experience is truly inspiring and allowed me to become more free within myself and for that I am forever grateful.

Marcie Reinhardt

Educator and Coach

While goals and dreams require actual motion and action, it’s awfully hard to get started if fear and procrastination are blocking the way. With Jen, she knows how to wisely alleviate the barriers and from there, you can get busy. Unblock the barriers. Go see Jen.

Bryan Ubaghs


Working with Jen has been inspirational. She works like the most amazing computer—highly skilled, refreshingly direct, intelligent, and intuitive– helping people and groups to reach higher levels with ease, confidence and joyful surprise as their dreams become a reality. I worked with her on a book project I incubated for years.  I had a number of ideas, but I didn’t know where to start.  In about 10 minutes, after listening to me she came up with a very workable outline for my book. I highly recommend her!

Linda Collins

RN, Mother and Grandmother

Jennifer Freeman is a soul whisperer speaking the language of awakening, of awakening to a truer version of self.

Michael McCann

Carpenter, Writer, and Father of 6